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Wellness 4 U

Shirley Moore

Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Coach, Wellness Practitioner

Welcome to Wellness,.

I am Shirley Moore.

Many lifetimes ago, I worked with an elite group of Oracles, led by Pallas Athena, in Greece. The frequency of our words and the wisdom we imparted were our most powerful tools. I was also present in another lifetime as an Oracle to the Pharohs in ancient Egypt.

Another significant lifetime was in Camelot with Merlin. Vivid memories of that era allow me to tap into the magic of manifestation, abundance and the laws of attraction.

In this lifetime I am a Teacher, Healer, Leader and Resource for Lightworkers. I speak to your soul and assist you to Re-member who you are - Divine Light. This is done vibrationally so that you and your soul each record the messages at the level you are ready to receive. I do this through Hypnosis, Spiritual Coaching, Intuitive Readings and Channeled Information.

It is my honor and privilege to assist you on your path.


Shirley holds a bachelor's degree as well as a master’s degree. She is an ordained minister in the Order of Melchizidek Ministry, a coach, hypnotherapist, a spiritual healing practitioner of Reiki and Spring Forest Qi Gong and Shamballa. She also utilizes a Quantum Stress Reduction Companion (SRC) tool in her practice. She has been involved with spiritual growth and development for almoxt 20 years.

She is an accomplished speaker, former organizational development manager, a supervisor in nonprofit environments, a nationwide adult trainer and a college professor in the integrative healing arena. These roles have positioned her to be cognizant of the difficulties facing individuals in their personal lives and in today’s business climate. Her experience and training have given her tools to effectively help people increase their awareness and deal with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues.

Identifying an individual’s internal resources and shaping them to address individual needs is the primary focus of Shirley’s business which embraces, intuitive readings, spiritual coaching and spiritual healing as the cornerstones for change.


Hi Shirley, I better give you feedback. I definately feel things when you work on me...from sunday evening (my time in Australia) I felt my skin especially my neck reacting (a little tingling)...ten years ago the same thing happened and I found out that I was getting rid of whtever I did not need in my life at that is strange that you said you worked on the skin and that is what I felt. Remember when I was at my brother's place and you worked on me and I felt it?.....thats when I knew that your Q really works. Thank you so much for doing the work. (N.L., Perth, Australia)

Very knowledgeable and comforting while providing a relaxing, insightful, healing session. (A.L., Minnesota, USA)

I recently quit smoking and Shirley helped alleviate much of my anxiety; physically and mentally. The experience was an excellent educational opportunity that I will be recommending to others! (J. S., Minnesota, USA)